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Most people in Thailand are alarmingly clueless about the trends that are shaping their future. This blog hopes to get them clued in.

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

At last, a digital bubble for every citizen!

Would you wear video glasses? by ZDNet's Roland Piquepaille -- An Israeli company has developed a personal video display device that looks like a simple pair of glasses. You can use these glasses with various sources, such as a portable media player or your cellphone. And with these glasses weighing only about 40 grams, you'll feel that you're viewing a 40-inch screen from a distance of 7 feet.

Imagine the social ramifications. You could be at Starbucks sipping overpriced latte, while you watch a 3-D movie in complete privacy, thanks to your video glasses and a suitably matched pair of surround headphones. Or you could be typing out your Great American Novel on the beach, thanks to your video glasses and flexible computer keyboard, your waterproofed CPU tucked away in the pocket of your shorts. Gadgets you used to have to stay home for will be downsized so much they will allow you to cocoon anywhere. So we can have a whole room of people, each lost in his own big-screen DTS cocoon. Sort of eerie, really. And if games are developed for the Nintendo Wii for use with the video glasses, heck, the room will look downright creepy.


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